Oil Changes, Tune-Ups, And Inspections

oil changeProperly maintaining your European vehicle keeps it performing at its best and safe on the road. That last thing you want on your way to work is to break down in the middle of your commute. This is pretty much every driver’s worst nightmare. 4 Rings European Autowerx can ensure you don’t become the source of a sig alert. Let us keep your European automobiles in tip-top shape with regular inspections, oil changes, and tune-ups.


There are many reasons why your vehicle might need an inspection. It could be that your check engine light keeps coming on while you’re driving or perhaps you’ve noticed a change in how the vehicle handles. That latter alone could be caused by many things, including the brakes, steering, tires, or transmission. If you are concerned about your vehicle but aren’t sure why? bring it in and tell us what’s going on. We’ll hook your car up to our diagnostic station to see if that identifies the issue. If it doesn’t, we’ll inspect it thoroughly.

Oil Changes

Many of our customers ask us how often they should have their oil changed and we always answer that it depends on numerous factors. First, the make, model, and year of your vehicle dictates oil change frequency as does its engine size and type. How you drive your car can also affect how often the oil needs to be changed. If you have a rough commute filled with stop-and-go traffic, you need your oil changed frequently. Finally, your manufacturer recommends oil change mileage milestones, and we pay attention to that, too.


Today’s vehicle doesn’t need its spark plugs changed as often as it used to, but this doesn’t mean you can ignore it. Part of our vehicle inspection is to check all the belts, hoses, and wires to ensure nothing is wearing down. This includes your spark plug wires and the plugs themselves. Your manufacturer will tell you at what mileage milestone to get your first tune-up, but if your vehicle is starting slow, stall, sputter, or miss, it might be time for a tune-up. Bring it in and let us take a look. We’ll isolate the cause of the performance issue.

Ignore the Urban Legends

You might hear from your friends or other automobiles “experts” that you don’t really need an oil change every 3,000 miles or a tune-up every 15,000 to 25,000 miles, but we really are European automobile experts and we beg to differ. Your vehicle’s performance and engine life depend on regular maintenance, which is why we recommend you have your automobile inspected regularly and oil changes and tune-ups performed at the proper mileage intervals. Bring your vehicle into 4 Rings European Autowerx in Oakland Park, FL, or call us today at 954-565-2000.