Brands Serviced By 4 Rings European Autowerx

As you probably figure out on our Home page, we love European automobiles, which is why we only maintain and repair imports. 4 Rings European Autowerx certified technicians are Oakland Park, FL, Audi experts - they can troubleshoot and repair your Audi in no time. We have the latest diagnostic equipment used for European automobiles and our state-of-the-art service and repair facility guarantees we'll get you back out on the road in your automobile in no time.

Not Just Audi

Don't be fooled by our Audi obsession, however. We work on nearly all automobiles designed and manufactured in Europe. We aren't exclusive to Audi and our expert technicians are not exclusively trained and certified to work on Audi vehicles only. We can inspect, maintain, and repair your European vehicle if it is any of the following brands

What makes these vehicles so special? Their engineering. Let's face it. When it comes to automobile manufacturing German engineers know how to design high-performance vehicles better than anyone else does. You can count on the Swedes to outdo other manufacturers when it comes to safety, and the Brits always bring class and stability to their automobile manufacturing.

We Love Your European Model As Much As You Do

No really. We do. We aren't just saying that. Our technicians have made their careers servicing and repairing European vehicles and we have built our shop around their expertise. We understand the technology behind these vehicles and we continue our education regularly to ensure we can boast truthfully that we are Oakland Park, FL, European automobile experts.

Service and Repairs

We prefer to maintain your Audi or other European automobiles because it means less expense to you. Between your owner's manual and our experience, we can tailor a maintenance schedule specific to your vehicle to ensure it is serviced exactly when it needs to be. This extends the life of your engine and helps you get more mileage out of your brake system and tires.

If your vehicle does break down, however, we can repair it. We work with all systems in your European automobile, including the brake, cooling, electronic, emission, exhaust, fuel, steering, and transmission system. When it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle, you won't find a more qualified shop than 4 Rings European Autowerx.

We'll Work With You

We understand the specialized care European automobiles require and we'll work with you to keep your vehicle road-ready and safe with reliable and affordable service you can count on. Are you on a tight budget? Talk with us. We'll work with you. 4 Rings European Autowerx helps customers in Oakland Park, FL, and we'd love to help you, too. Call us  today.