How to Handle Mass Airflow Sensor Failure in Your Mercedes

The Mass Airflow SensorMAF, is a key component in the process of the movement of fuel into and through your engine. It measures the amount of air entering the engine (airflow). It works by a small, electrically-heated wire positioned next to a temperature sensor. This sensor measures the temperature of the air that flows over the wire and sends this information to the engine’s computer. This then determines the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine.

A few symptoms of your vehicle’s mass airflow sensor going bad  are rough running or idling, difficulty starting the engine, hesitation or difficulty acceleratingengine hesitation under a load, an odor of gasoline from the exhaust, and a decrease in fuel efficiency. A failure of the MAF could primarily cause miscalculations in the amount of fuel injected into your engine, causing serious problems in standard vehicle functions.

Because the mass airflow sensor is central to keeping the proper ratio of air-to-fuel in your engine, it is essential to contact a Mercedes professional right away if you notice any symptoms that may point to its failure. Here are a few ways to notice this and the possible effects of a failing MAF.

How to Know When Your Mass Airflow Sensor is Going Bad

When your Mercedes is running as expected, it is normal to be less attentive to the sounds and vibrations it makes. However, keeping tabs on these behaviors can help you in noticing unusual symptoms like those below.

Rough running or idling

This sign may take a while to notice if you haven’t paid any special attention to your car’s behavior while driving at low speeds or at a full stop. This condition may vary by individual vehicle. When you are at a complete stop and your vehicle feels as if it is gently or even violently rumbling, one of the possible causes is a failing mass airflow sensor. This can also happen when driving at low speeds.

Difficulty Starting the Engine

Since the mass airflow sensor is essential to standard operating of your engine, any problems or failure of this component will lead to difficulty in starting the engine. The MAF is unable to accurately calculate the appropriate amount of fuel to be injected into the engine and so unable to aid it in ignition.

Problems Accelerating

One of the ways you can begin to narrow down issues with your mass airflow sensor is by observing your vehicle’s behavior during acceleration. If your vehicle hesitates or jerks forward during acceleration, this can be indicative of a faulty MAF, but take note of additional symptoms, as this can be a sign of more than one problem.

Difficulty Driving When Hauling or Driving Uphill

When you are driving uphill or pulling a load, your engine has to work harder to compensate for the gravitational resistance or extra weight. If it is not getting the proper levels of fuel, it will struggle to do so and begin hesitation or sputtering when driving.

Odor of Gasoline

Because the mass airflow sensor calculate how much fuel should be injected into the engine, any malfunctions may lead to either not enough fuel or too much fuel being distributed. If there is too much fuel injected into the engine, the excess will be expelled through the exhaust. This will create a strong gasoline smell.

Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Your engine may have to work harder because of malfunctions of the MAF. Additionally, if there is too much fuel being distributed to the engine, then this will create a waste and your fuel efficiency will decrease.

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