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How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

Can you go longer between tire rotations if you drive a European automobile? We here at 4 Rings European Autowerx don’t recommend it, but we also understand that your driving habits dictate how often you should have your tires rotated more than mileage milestones. Why? Keep reading and we’ll explain further how we answer the titled question. Driving Distance If you drive a long commute to and from work every day and then take your European automobile on a relaxing, long drive over the weekend, you’re going to have to have your tires rotated more often than if your only drive short distances. Simply put, the more miles you put on your tires, the sooner they wear down. Driving Conditions Another factor is your driving conditions. If you drive on newly paved highways all the time and rarely have to deal with potholes or other road hazards, your tires are going to last longer between rotations. If you drive on rough, uneven roads or even dirt roads, your tires will feel t ... read more


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