Tips to Diagnose Electrical Problems in Your Audi From the Expert Mechanics in Oakland Park

Electrical problems in Audis are quite common. As manufacturers develop new technologies, these problems can be increasingly difficult to identify on your own and often require the expertise of an experienced mechanic. Despite the level of luxury that Audis represent, these vehicles require regular maintenance and an attentive driver to run at their best shape.

Audis are subject to quite a few electrical problems, but some occur more often than others. Some of the most common electrical problems reported by Audi owners are the failure of the digital dashboard or LCD display, loss of power to windows, and issues with headlights and tail lights. Many of the electric-driven components are designed specifically to ensure the driver’s safety, so it is imperative that they function properly.

If you notice any of the symptoms listed here, be sure to contact an expert as soon as possible. Note that electrical problems are likely to be caused by problems with your battery which can end up being a more serious issue for the vehicle in its entirety. Below are a few of the most common electrical problems with Audis and how to identify the causes behind them.

Problems With the LCD Display or Digital Dashboard

Typically, this problem will arise gradually, meaning parts of the screen will burn out before the entire display is lost. Unfortunately, this problem can only be solved by replacing the entire LCD screen and can’t be repaired in small parts.

Although this problem can cause many issues for drivers in terms of Bluetooth communicationsnavigation, and more, it is not necessarily indicative of an issue with your battery but a more localized problem instead.

Loss of Power to Windows

Window motors can fail due to a handful of causes and do not necessarily represent a larger problem. The window motor can become damaged over time due to normal wear and tear. Even stickers or tinting can introduce extra stress and pressure on the motor that isn’t present with the factory design.

The motor will struggle to raise the window and may give off a loud whirring noise when operated. The driver’s side window is quite prone to this since it is likely to be used more than any other window in the car.

Problems With Headlights or Tail Lights

This can result from a failure of the brake light switch. Either your lights will not turn on or they will be stuck powered on. This problem can be attributed to battery problems. Some recommend having the battery disconnected while the car is turned off until this problem is resolved to prevent further issues.

How to Identify Battery Issues in Your Audi

Often times, you can safely assume that the battery is either fully or partially responsible for your vehicle’s electrical problems. In Audis, they are expected to last for about 2 years. However, they may falter sooner than that due to manufacturing errors or even a particularly harsh environment.

The battery terminals are subject to corrosion, which can disrupt its ability to conduct a current. This can lead to problems starting your engine or failure to start it at all. Some other signs of a faulty battery include cranking and clicking noises from the engine when trying to turn on your vehicle.

Although there are many tutorials online on how to diagnose these issues yourself, it is best left to the professionals. Contacting an expert will ensure that your vehicle is not misdiagnosed and any serious problems are solved before they have the opportunity to worsen.

How to Fix Electrical Problems in Your Audi

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