How to Handle Mass Airflow Sensor Failure in Your Mercedes

The Mass Airflow SensorMAF, is a key component in the process of the movement of fuel into and through your engine. It measures the amount of air entering the engine (airflow). It works by a small, electrically-heated wire positioned next to a temperature sensor. This sensor measures the temperature of the air that flows over the wire and sends this information to the engine’s computer. This then determines the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. A few symptoms of your vehicle’s mass airflow sensor going bad  are rough running or idling, difficulty starting the engine, hesitation or difficulty acceleratingengine hesitation under a load, an odor of gasoline from the ... read more


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Tips to Diagnose Electrical Problems in Your Audi From the Expert Mechanics in Oakland Park

Electrical problems in Audis are quite common. As manufacturers develop new technologies, these problems can be increasingly difficult to identify on your own and often require the expertise of an experienced mechanic. Despite the level of luxury that Audis represent, these vehicles require regular maintenance and an attentive driver to run at their best shape. Audis are subject to quite a few electrical problems, but some occur more often than others. Some of the most common electrical problems reported by Audi owners are the failure of the digital dashboard or LCD display, loss of power to windows, and issues with headlights and tail lights. Many of the electric-driven components are designed specifically to ensure the driver’s safety, so ... read more


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